In July 2020 we recorded our second CD called „Musik aus den letzten Schtetln“ („Music of the last shtetls“). Again, most of the pieces stem from Isaak Loberan’s rich collection of Eastern European Jewish music. Some are traditional jewish songs popular in the displaced persons camp of Foehrenwald according to eyewitness‘ reports.This CD should, 75 years after the liberation of Hitler’s extermination camps, commemorate the music that had at one time given pleasure to the victims of the Holocaust in their Eastern European shtetls and then went on to give the survivors comfort and hope for a new life.

Recording, mixig, mastering, phtographies and layout of the CD were implemented by Markus “Eliot“ Henning.

The new CD

„Musik aus den letzten Schtetln“
was presented to our friends and our fan community at the

Liebhartstaler Bockkeller“ on September 26, 2020, by die „Wiener Klezmer Kapelye di libn layt“

Sasha Danilov
as special guest star

Here is the playlist of youtube –
look an listen how we performed ten samples of this CD on stage!

More information about this CD and some comments of people who wanted to share their emotions after listening you can find in the German page „CD“. We were happy to read H.F. out of Ramat Gan and M.S. from Frankfurt, who lived as children several years in the Displaced Persons Camp Föhrenwald.

In July 2017 we recorded our first  CD at a former granary, now an arts center called the „Schüttkasten“ at Schloss Primmersdorf, located close to the river Thaya in the most pittoresque part of „Waldviertel“ near the Czech border. We called the CD „Isaak“ in honour of our „mentor“ Isaak Loberan. Recording, mastering and layout of the CD Isaak were implemented by Markus “Eliot“ Henning.
All rights reserved by all performers involved.

We were very pleased with the response. Some comments made by other well known musicians are quoted on the German page „CD“ in „Meinungen“. Below you can see a translation into English.

Good news!
We still have some copies of our CD. Should you wish to buy a copy you can do so here! If you would like to listen to the audio recordings first, click here.

Our first CD Isaak

Cover of the CD Isaak

The idea was born during one of Isaak Loberan’s Klezmer weekend workshops in 2017. The attendees discussed an appropriate birthday present for Isaak. How can you please a charismatic klezmer-musician like Isaak more than with music – played from his own books by his enthusiastic „students“?

Some of Isaak Loberan’s publications and CDs containing the results of his field research which he is providing to all musicians interested in authentic klezmer music.

Playlist and list of musicians involved

Special guests on this CD are Helga Bimminger and Hannes Guschelbauer, who have also attended Isaak Loberan‘s workshops for many years. They and the accordionist, Reinhard Köberl, form the   „DamaWos3“ trio. The numbers marked with *  are their contribution to Isaak‘s 70th birthday present.

Sound, photographs and layout of CD “Isaak“: Beatbox Eliot,  Munich

Some comments about the CD Isaak by other musicians:

Mercedes (actress, singer, dancer, moderator and producer) wrote:
„I like this CD, it is played in a lively mood, one can hear your enthusiasm, your music animates to dancing!“

Blesh (double bass veteran, member of the „Storyville Jazzband“, of the „Worried Men Skiffle Group“, co-inventors of Austro Pop, and of „Thiman&Geduldig“) wrote:
„All instruments sound nice, rhythm is well supported by accordeons, recording is perfect, you can hear the room – I like your music!“

David (American conductor, well known for his performances in „Wiener Volksoper“ and „Seefestspiele Mörbisch“) wrote:
„I was enthusiastic to discover your musicianship!“

Sasha (former conductor of the President Orchestra of Moldova, conductor of Wiener Klezmer Orchestra, clarinet virtuoso) wrote:
„I was surprised you could record such a cool CD! Bravo!“

Joachim (singer, harp guitar virtuoso, guitar professional) wrote:
„I like the music very much, as well as the recording quality. The result is a successful product, which will win its fans!“

Eliot (beatbox performer, graffiti artist, founder of hiphop labels, producer, curator) said:
„An outstanding debut feature and a highly efficient recording accomplishment“